Mixing hip hop fire and pop flavor, the 19-year-old urban maestro seamlessly slides through genres with swagger and substance. Mann's brand new single, "Buzzin," bounces from a club-ready beat into an undeniable hook, while showcasing the West Los Angeles native's unique flow. It's a fitting prelude of what's to come on his forthcoming album, Mann's World [Def Jam]. Mann's opening up the door to his world, and rap may never be the same.


For Mann, "Buzzin" is an invitation for listeners to party with him. The song has already begun to stir up a "buzz" on radio and in clubs nationwide. Based on producer J.R. Rotem's [Britney Spears, Rihanna] chopped 'n' screwed sample of the Nu Shooz classic "I Can't Wait," "Buzzin" is a hyper-charged anthem that you can bump on the dance floor or in your car.  Mann explains, "It's got a West Coast bounce, but it's still universal. I really want to make music that everybody can love. I'm in the business of making songs. I rap when it's time to rap, and I sing when it's time to sing. I keep it hip hop, but I also make it pop enough for the masses."


Mann has been honing this hybrid since he first picked up a mic at 14-years-old in West L.A. Over the course of numerous mix-tapes and the recent chart success of "Text," he's crafted a sound all his own. That sound espouses his very own "Birthday Philosophy." It's Mann's mantra, and it's evident on every track he cuts to tape. "Every day is your birthday," reveals Mann. "You're constantly reborn, and that's what my music represents. It's all uplifting. If you had a bad day yesterday, don't let it affect you, because today's your birthday."


That's especially evident on his three-volume mix-tape series, West L.A. Diaries. Produced by Red Vision [Midi Mafia], the West L.A. Diaries Vol.3: The Birthday Philosophy encapsulates Mann's vision for positive rap music. "There are no colors—just birthday boys," laughs Mann. "I can speak to the underground on West L.A. Diaries, and the singles like 'Buzzin' show how I celebrate life. I put substance and a message behind what I'm doing, and you can hear it on this mix-tape.


"You'll also hear it on his forthcoming collaboration mix-tape with L.A. Leakers—Power 106 FM DJs Sour Milk and Justin Kredible. Along with L.A. Leakers, Mann will shed some light on a significant sonic change in L.A. He continues, "We bonded because they're hometown DJs, and I'm a hometown artist. Our mix tape is going to showcase a lot of young artists from L.A. We're working on a creating a movement with the new young west because there's no unity right now. We're trying to build the structure. There's been a revolution in music on the West Coast. It's not typical gangsta rap or backpack rap.


"There's nothing typical about Mann either. At the end of the day, he simply wants to be heard. "I want people to respect my grind. I want people to feel good listening to my music. I want to roll in my own lane and dominate that forever. Nobody can do it like I do it.


"Welcome to Mann's World; it's just the place hip hop needed to go.  Rick Florino, October 2010